Our company provides transportation services by road and sea to every region of Europe and Russia. With years of experience and our expert team, we deliver your cargo to the address as soon as possible.

The storage and packaging of your shipments is done by our expert staff. We offer delivery to the address delivery service.

Upon your request, your shipments are insured for 5% of the cost of the goods.

RUSSIA: Delivery between 8-15 days. Cities other than Moscow are delivered within 1 to 3 days with Russia’s fastest cargo.

We have land transportation service to every country in EUROPE. Please call our office to inquire about the shipping time.

Our company, which carries out land and sea transportation, does not bother you with warehousing and customs clearance, follows all procedures for our valued customers and provides complete transportation services.

We carefully check the cargo we receive so that parcels, parcels and sacks can be transported undamaged. In addition, you can easily pack and send by choosing one of the boxes prepared according to the shipment dimensions from our branches.

We deliver your cargo that we deliver to Russia and Europe to all regions within 3 days. Our company, which differs from its competitors in the cargo sector with its expert staff and fast distribution network, carefully delivers your shipment to the recipient in line with its quality and urgency.

Our company, which provides transportation to Russia and Europe, gains customer satisfaction by offering a complete solution. Keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level is our most important principle. We would be pleased to see you, our valued visitors, among our happy customers.